Meet Our Instructors


Tami has spent the past decade teaching Les Mills group exercise classes around the New Orleans and Houma area.
She is also a 200 hour yoga alliance certified power yoga teacher. She is dedicated to bringing high intensity cardio, strength and power into her style of teaching. Tami’s students feel a sense of accomplishment and empowerment at the end of their fitness journey.Tami’s Classes: Les Mills SPRINT and Power Yoga


  • Stephen was recently trained and certified in BODYPUMP in the Summer of 2013, but he is no stranger to the fitness and competitive world. Born and raised in NOLA, Stephen played college football for Tulane University while receiving his engineering degree in Computer Science. After capping off his college career with a 2002 Hawaii Bowl victory, Stephen soon split his time in the real world: Software Engineer computer nerd by day, competitive multi-sport athlete in his off-time.An avid runner, lifter, cyclist, and now swimmer, Stephen has completed several marathons, biked thousands of miles raising money for the National MS Society, and just recently completed his first Olympic-distance Triathlon, qualifying for the U.S. Championships this Summer.

    When resting and not working out, Stephen enjoys playing the guitar and walking his 14 pound white, fluffy dog named Luigi. Stephen is always up for a challenge, anytime. Just how much of a challenge? Come take one of his classes and find out!


    I've been spinning for 4+ years but just started teaching in December. I was recently certified in the Les Miles Grit program and I'm loving introducing it to friends and members. I've completed numerous half marathons and I love all aspects of fitness.Fun & Personal: I own a local women's clothing company called Jolie and Elizabeth - we wholesale all over the country and sell online. I love to cook (especially Italian) and equally love going out to dinner. The beach is my happy place!

    My spin class is always changing - it's a beat based high energy mix of climbs sprints and a good time. Try not to sing along :)


  • Neshka (Agnieszka) brings a cerebral element to group fitness – engaging members with her high energy, sense of humor, and intellect. She started teaching yoga classes in Austin, TX and continued after moving to New Orleans in 2005.  She is also the Director of Public Service at Tulane University. In her free time, she loves to travel and relax with her Dachshunds.

    Neshka’s Classes: Les Mills BODY COMBAT, BODY PUMP, CX WORX, BODY FLOW, SPRINT, and Yoga


  • With 400 hours of training and two yoga certifications including Power Yoga, Maria is a portal to Zen.
    She loves to teach fun, inspired, and challenging flows that give students the opportunity to practice “outside the box”.
    Using music as an inspiration to move, Maria fuses her playlists to maximize the energy flow in each class. Yoga has taught Maria how to be aware of her inner power and she hopes to bring that out in her students.Maria’s Classes: Gentle Yoga and Power Yoga


    Known for her high intensity and creative workout circuits, Lynesia loves to draw the best out of every member with session.
    Lynesia is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Youth Exercise Specialist and Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist who creates innovative workout moves and exercises to bring clients to their goals.
    Her goal is to inspire and motivate others to fall in love with health and wellness while having fun and jamming out to Beyonce at the same time.Lynecia’s Classes: Boot Camp, Power 30, and TRX

    Lauren G.

    With an affinity for dance and a soul for yoga, Lauren makes finding your happy place fun.
    She takes playlist requests and is known for her music and moves. Her yoga classes flow and develop a mind body connection through the breath. Her barre class sculpts problem areas and leaves participants feeling more confident about their bodies.
    Lauren is also a dancer– starting this at 26 years old. Some thought that was too old, but she spent each day proving them wrong.Lauren’s Classes: Yoga/Barre Fusion, Barre, and Yoga

    Lauren A.

    Lauren has always been a fitness lover, but struggled with weight and energy after the birth of her first child. She began taking BODYPUMP classes to try something new and instantly fell in love.
    She became certified in 2015 and credits the program with helping her drop weight and battle postpartum depression and anxiety after the birth of her second child. She added a CXWORX certification in 2017 and loves bringing an intense, energetic class to Franco’s.Lauren’s Classes: Les Mills BODY PUMP and CX WORX


    Kristina’s sankopa, or vow, is to welcome knowledge from the experience of stillness and to honor a self-care routine. Her specialty is in restorative Yoga poses and in generating classes with a blend of crowd pleasing stretch techniques. Her goal in class is to acknowledge imbalances in the physical and spiritual bodies by incorporating Ayurvedic and Western healing modalities.

    Kristina’s Classes: Yoga Stretch


  • In the past eight years, Kim has followed and perfected a host of innovative and engaging group exercise programs, including Madd Dogg, TurboKick, LesMills GRIT, YogaFoster, and Real Ryder.
    With a background in kickboxing, cycling, and power workouts, Kim keeps the intensity high and the classes fun!Kim’s Classes: Cycling, Boot Camp, Power 30


    Jenna wasn’t always big on exercise. But one group exercise class in 2015 changed her life. Within six months, she became an instructor.
    Now Jenna loves high energy and strength-based workouts that push her and our members. Her love is contagious and isn’t stopping with the mic and studio. She is currently pursuing her Personal Training Certificate through the National Association of Sports Medicine.Jenna’s Classes: Les Mills BODYPUMP and Power 30.

    J. Lowe

    J. Lowe teaches challenging vinyasa yoga classes that focus on alignment to help students gain body awareness and maximize the benefits of the postures. She helps students increase awareness of their breath and core to improve concentration and practice safely. Every class is designed to leave you feeling balanced, refreshed and energized.
    She keeps classes fun and light with smiles, imagery, music, while also encouraging students to explore and play.J Lowe’s Classes: Gentle Yoga and Power Yoga


    When you need that extra push, Heather is there to guide you forward. During her fitness classes, you can expect to be motivated and pushed out of your comfort zone with driving music and Heather’s high tempo energy.
    If you’re ready to see a change in your body, then come ready to get sweaty, burn those calories and have some fun in Heather’s fitness classes.

    Heather’s Classes: Les Mills BODY PUMP, Cycling, Power 30


    Gene’s journey to being a fitness instructor came through martial arts. Earning a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, fighting full contact for five years, a  black belt in Aki Jujitsu, and graduate level Krav Maga, he knows what it takes to stay in the fight!
    Gene is a strong believer that strength, especially core strength, cardio conditioning, and overall fitness is extremely important in everyday life.Gene’s Classes: Les Mills BODY COMBAT and CX WORX


  • Exercising and lifting weights had never really appealed to David, but after taking yoga with his wife Neshka (see her bio on a previous page!!), he fell in love with the group exercise setting.
    The love spread beyond yoga and into many other classes once he started going to Franco’s. Then he decided to take it to the next level became certified in many varieties of classes.
    “Knowing I have friends at the gym who expect me to show up each class motivates and allows me to help them target and achieve their fitness goals,” David said.

    David’s Classes: Les Mills BODY PUMP, CX WORX, and SPRINT


    Tiny, but fierce Catrina may fool you with her size, but she brings the intensity to her classes. Catrina has always sought innovation in the always changing world of fitness.
    She is a versatile and ardent student of the latest fitness trends and applies them to her classes.You can find Catrina on Tuesday nights leading the pack with Body Pump followed by CX WORX.

    Catrina’s Classes: Les Mills BODY PUMP and CX WORKX


    Ashley classes primarily focus on strength and cardio exercises that focus on building glutes and the lower body. She often incorporates her love of the stair climber and squats.
    Ashley is an AFFA certified group instructor. Ashley is a workout fanatic- she is an avid runner, practices yoga, lift weights, and recently developed a new love of boxing.Ashley’s Classes: Trainer’s Choice


    Aaron loves teaching because he feels he has experienced, first hand, the magic that these activities can have on one's life. He says, “There are the obvious benefits of endorphins and getting fit, but the most powerful is becoming the catalyst for change in one's own life.”
    Aaron feels that as an instructor, the greatest gift is being a resource for others to create that change for themselves. He classes are known to have a maximum full body burnout, with as much humor and joy as I can throw in. It's high energy and high intensity, yet fun!Aaron’s Classes: Yoga/Barre fusion, Barre, and Power Yoga