Train with the best


When we say TRAIN WITH THE BEST we really mean it.  Personal train, group train with Franco's Power 30, Franco's Studio Pilates, or utilize our state of the art equipment.  We strive to bring the best  health and fitness to New Orleans.    


Technogym is the world's leader in strength and cardio training equipment. Free weights, Selectorize, and Olympic Weight Rack Smith Machine are the best Strength Plate loaded around.


Experience  the difference of training on Technogym, known as the "Ferrari of fitness." Smooth, quiet, powerful and fueled with technology that not only recognizes but remembers you and keeps track of your workouts. Treadmills, Ellipticals, Recumbent Bikes, Step Mills by Matrix, Concept  II Rowers … we have it all.


Looking to improve flexibility, posture and functionality? This equipment offers the perfect solution to regain energy and recover from long bouts of sitting, aids in lengthening the tight muscles caused from over training, and helps relieve back pain associated with muscle shortening.

Multi Functional

Franco's is proud to be the first fitness facility to introduce the "Queenax" Multi-functioning Training System to the United States. A variety of training methods and equipment can be utilized by members while trainings and classes are not in session. Kettlebells, medicine balls, Plyo boxes, suspended training TRX Boxing Circuits and much more. This is the future of fitness.


Break a sweat hitting a couple of rounds on your own, sign up for a boxing circuit session, or hire one of our professionals and train like a pro. Use hanging bags, speed bags and jump ropes.


All cardio is equipped with the latest in fitness technology creating a truly personal experience. Connect to the equipment via your mobile device and while you train it tracks your fitness data returning personalized feedback on physiological parameters and training results straight back to your mobile device. Our equipment not only remembers who you are, but also what you like. 

Personal Training

You can participate in one-on-one training or train with a small group. Our specialists can help you with everything from weight loss, wellness, nutrition, to getting your FIT on.

Reformer Training

Franco's Studio Pilates opening in November! Private, semi-private, group training on reformer, cadillac, and chair. Call 504.218.4637 for more information.

Franco's Power 30

Take your workout to the next level! Franco's Power 30 is small group training with a variety of training styles & 30 minute training to work with your schedule. Get one-on-one attention from our certified instructors & the motivation of a group setting. Franco's Power 30 programs include High Intensity Team Training (HITT), TRX, Suspended Barre, and Franco's Stretch. Small group training is ideal for all fitness levels. Class passes available! Member's: Additional $50 per month & unlimited training.


Suspension training leverages gravity and your body weight to perform hundreds of exercises. Delivers a fast effective total-body workout while increasing muscle endurance. Benefits all fitness levels with emphasis on your core. Included with a Franco's Power 30 membership. Class passes available!.

Franco's Stretch

A 30 minute session on Pilates Reformer/Towers following a Franco's Group Fitness class. This class is perfect to take following a Cycle, Body Pump, Body Combat or Barre! This class is included with your Franco's Power 30 training membership. No previous Pilates training necessary.


Suspension Barre is an energetic workout that conditions the whole body, building on the BARRE fundamentals of core and strength. This class is executed on suspension bar apparatus and will challenge movement and stabilization concepts in standing, side lying, kneeling, prone, supine and hanging positions. This class is included with a Franco's Power 30 Membership. Class Passes available.

HIIT Training

HIIT training is a total body workout in just 30 minutes. Small group training led by our certified coaches. HIIT training focuses on strength, cardio, and core training in one fast-paced workout. It's guaranteed to burn off the belly fat and the calories. Included with a Franco's Power 30 Membership. Class passes available.


Is an entire body workout that builds strength, stamina and flexibility. Suitable for all levels, this class gets you nice and sweaty while leaving you refreshed and focused. Yoga foundations are emphasized to build core strength, correct alignment, reduce stress, regulate sleep patterns and much more. Please bring our own mat.

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