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Located in the heart of the Garden District of New Orleans 

Franco's new uptown urban location is the perfect fit for those seeking the very best and latest in health and fitness, all in one place. Three words best describe this Francos on Magazine: 

Innovative  ...  Unique  ...  Inclusive


State of the art is our state of mind. Staying current means we’re on the cutting edge of training, equipment and technology. We love knowing what’s coming next and bringing it to you with a level of sophistication bordering on SPOILED.


Open spaces, huge windows and welcoming natural light offer an inviting respite from the outside world. You will never feel crowded because we will only sell a limited number of memberships, because working out like you are at Jazz Fest is not a part of the plan. Come in and breathe in the inspiration.


The best of everything under one roof and at a price within reach. Whatever your current fitness level, let us help you reach further than you ever thought possible with the guidance of the most knowledgeable and caring staff imaginable. Come see what happens when innovation meets dedication.

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