Primarily an indoor cycling instructor, Noel thrives off of high energy music to get each member of the class in the mindset to push themselves that extra mile.  "If you are not sweating, you are not working!"

She holds a BS in Kinesiolgy from LSU, with a background of athletic training, personal training, and boot camp/HIIT, she is also a certified Indoor Cycling instructor through Mad Dogg Athletics for 10 years now. 

Noel has loads of energy with an always on the go personality.  While she's very good at staying busy, she is even better at relaxing.  Favorite parts about New Orleans are its culture, food and music, while keeping everything in balance and moderation. Her advice is to live the "big easy" way but include some type of fitness and health regimen into that lifestyle in order to feel great and keep on going.

So come jump on a bike and see how its done!

is that all you got?
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