My name is Agnieszka but many people call me Neshka. My path as a fitness instructor began with yoga in Austin, Texas back in 2002. About that time, I also fell in love with the Les Mills classes offered at my gym, especially Body Flow. 

My introduction to New Orleans was rather dramatic. My husband and I moved here exactly one week before Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. Needless to say, fitness helped me cope with the stress and shock. It was then in late 2005 that I became certified as a Les Mills Body Flow instructor…and later Body Pump, Body Combat, CXWORX, and Sh’bam. The very last training I attended was Booty Barre, as awesome new workout.

In my free time, my husband and I take care of our FIVE weenie dogs, the sweetest pack of rescue Dachshunds you can imagine! I also love to read, travel, meet new people, and eat exotic foods. 

If you want to brighten up your hump day – come join me in Body Pump and CXWORX every Wednesday. I also like to share my passion for Body Flow every Sunday morning.

My sincere belief is that we all are happier when we exercise, and a positive attitude and optimism can always support our long term goals.

 “Choose to be optimistic. It feels better!”  -Dalai Lama
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