Exercising and lifting weights had never really appealed to me, but I started attending yoga classes with my wife, Agnieszka, in Austin back in 2000 as an overweight and stressed out trial attorney and immediately got hooked on feeling and looking better. Soon after moving to New Orleans in 2005, I added some Les Mills classes as well as cycling to my workout routine, and today I still find that physical exercise is the fastest way to de-stress, motivate and refocus.

Shortly after joining Franco’s in 2014, I became certified in Spinning, BodyPump and CX WORX and very much enjoy being a fitness instructor. Knowing I have friends at the gym who expect me to show up each class motivates and allows me to help them target and achieve their fitness goals. As a lawyer, I can’t always help my clients achieve their goals, but in the gym we all can be winners.

Everyone joining Franco’s should decide on a fitness routine that works with your schedule and we’ll help you stick with it.

Remember to make time for exercise today so illness can’t steal it from you tomorrow.

 instruction in the arts is vital in all communities.
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