Allen van Norden has been in collegiate athletics for over a decade. From student athlete to director of strength and conditioning, Allen Van Norden has worked with more than 15 different sports at the collegiate level. Previously overseeing Coppin State’s department of strength and conditioning which has a central focus on Olympic Sports development at the NCAA division 1 level. He has  previous stints at Delaware State and South Carolina State where he was a strength coach to New Orleans Saints safety Raphael Bush.

Van Norden has organized and conducted strength and speed camps for high school teams, worked with professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and MLS.  Van Norden has also offered a mentoring programs which provides educational opportunities to aspiring individuals, coaches,

Van Norden is a New York native and is married to Millicent Van Norden. Current Head Volleyball Coach at The University of New Orleans.  They have three children; Christian, Cain, and Loki. 


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